Dinner Palette



A bit of a twisted tale in discovering this tasty dish.  Here’s how it went down

Here beautiful Swiss or rainbow chard stems are blanched to remove toughness, then grilled. Charred chard. Har har. We love grilled vegetables, but this is one we never considered grilling. Tossed with sauteéd fava beans, garlic, and a little oregano and lemon juice we can only imagine how good it tastes.
(courtesy of thekitchn.com)

  • And one of the comments in the recipe offers this tidbit of wisdom.

Grilling favas in their pods is traditional in the Mediterranean, so this entire dish could have been grilled. From my understanding you just pop the pods onto the grill, cook them until they’re charred then pop them open and eat the beans or, if the pods are small and tender, you can eat them too. Of courses people with favism can’t do this, but a lot of people can!

I wonder how they well this would cook up on the rocket stove.  Where is that thing anyway?