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Please consider a donation to the SF Permaculture Guild

and the 18th & Rhode Island Garden in Potrero Hill

Our mission is to support a local community of designers and those interested in permaculture by producing educational and social events, enabling permaculture projects and providing opportunities to exchange information related to permaculture design. We are a a 501c3 non-profit organization. See below for an outline of how your tax deductible donation will be used.

Seed Fund

A key part of the mission of the SF Permaculture guild is to enable permaculture projects in San Francisco. Our flagship project the 18th and Rhode Island garden has a modest annual budget to cover some water expenses and the costs of insurance to enable public access. Our goal is to raise $5000 in total to cover these operational costs and start some new projects this year.

Scholarship Fund

Ever wanted to attend a permaculture workshop somewhere and been stopped by the price tag? We’ve raised money in the past and gifted it to individuals that attend training and then report back to the guild what they learned – Community Supported Learning! Our annual target is to raise $1000 for this fund.

Hedge Row Fund

Each year we have opportunities to host incredible speakers from around the world or share exciting new films and we like to offer honorariums to the speakers and film-makers.  We target raising $1500 to be able provide reciprocity to those that gift their energy and time to making the guild gatherings rich experiences of learning and sharing.

In total our annual budget is $7500.  If all the members of the guild listserve donated $10 each year we would have a surplus for all these activities.