Fall PDC Underway

pdc-walksThe Fall Urban PDC in San Francisco is currently about halfway through the course. So far, they have spent some time learning about Permaculture: Ethics and principles, Patterns, Climate, Trees, Water, and Natural Building.

We have had some very nice weather over in Potrero Hill and the time spent in the garden has been pleasant. Walking from the classroom space to the garden has given us the opportunity to observe some of the patterns that are all around us in the urban setting, but often overlooked.


pdc-cobNatural Building session was fun for all. We stomped, laughed and just generally had a good time as we played in the mud. Davin is doing some great work with Eco-SF and I encourage any and all to head over to their website and see whats going on.

The cob we stamped was applied to this bech in the image. Many hands make light work and in short time, the bench was brought up to its finished height. A final layer without straw will be applied and smoothed, then boiled linseed oil applied to help it resist the elements.




pdc-water-harvestingWater Day was held at David Cody’s house and in John McLaren Park on the south edge of San Francisco. We got to talk about water and it’s major importance in Permaculture design.

Slow It. Spread It. Sink It.

If you are interested in laerning about Permaculture and live in San Francisco, check out THIS PAGE. We have four classes running per year that are designed to be affordable and fit into a busy urban schedule.