January 2010, Gardeners Gone Wild


A new community garden being built on Octavia near Lily, Growing Home
A new farm plot being prepared at Gough and Eddy, Urban Share
30+ designers training at the Urban PDC
New Positions and Events filling up the Volunteer Dashboard

January, 2010

The first month of the rest of your lives

If you were at the January Guild Meeting at The Red Poppy House, you know exactly what I mean!   What an amazing start to the new year, the new decade… and it all really came together on the last day, Sunday, Jan 31.
Anyone who reads Tree’s blog about The Free Farm Stand, might have noticed the following lingering in the sidebar:

Below are two new gardens. If you want to help out you can contact the people listed:
Lisa’s backyard…
Aliza’s backyard…
If interested, you can contact Garden Anchors…

A bunch of us met for brunch on Sunday, Jan 31 in Lisa’s Backyard Garden.  Pretty soon, we realized that the room was filled with gardeners growing food in the same neighborhood  (we started drawing maps)!  And there were a lot of complementary needs, skills, and resources among the group…  not to mention all the great food everyone brought to share, including a salad harvested from Lisa’s Garden.  We’re going to meet some more, set up some online collaboration tools, and figure out the best way to grow more food by working together.


Lisa’s Backyard Garden… if you’re in the Mission and wanna help grow more food in local backyards, please contact one of the Garden Anchors, or come to the Free Farm Stand on Sundays from 12-3pm at the corner of 23rd St. and Treat Ave, you’re bound to run into someone!