June 2010 SF Permaculture Guild Gathering

The “Agenda”


The Visioning Jam

kitchen gardens
water catchment
roof gardens
worm composting

happy healthy pigeons
children playing in streets where cars used to be
many fruit trees
neighbors sharing meals
block parties
sunset district: only one way streets – every other street a food forest
free college
cities underground, forests above ground
san francisco state as an ecovillage
locally-grown burrito
more tree-houses
no commerce days
mules carrying food
people carrying homegrown herbal tea in glass jars
hot water by solar
chickens on rooftops
mint growing in the mint
kids asking to borrow each other’s shovels
schoolchildren growing their lunch from the school garden
no plastic
people rediscovering themselves and valuing themselves not on their bank statements
no toxic waste
tearing down back fences and sharing backyards