Monthly Guild Gathering – DIY, Cold-Climate Biogas Unit

Come to the permaculture guild gathering on August 2nd at 6:30pm to hear David House present on homescale biogas.  Presentation starts at 7:00.  Come for networking and food/seed sharing before and after.

Biogas, sometimes called “the cousin of composting,” is what you get when any organic material decomposes in the absence of oxygen (aka it’s anaerobic, vs composting which is aerobic). Biogas is made largely of methane, which is chemically identical to natural gas. Because of this, biogas is sometimes called renewable natural gas. In other words, its 100% natural, renewable energy from waste!

This talk is about how to build an entirely new type of “anaerobic digester” – a device that makes biogas, and a nutrient-rich slurry that works well as an organic fertilizer (used by organic farmers in Europe for decades). What’s new about this digester is that it can be built very cheaply, with materials entirely from Home Depot (or a similar store), AND will work in cold climates, year-round.

David House has been working with biogas for 30+ years, and wrote what many consider to be the “Bible of Biogas,” The Complete Biogas Handbook, as well as Methane Systems, and numerous articles about biogas. He has been experimenting with biogas and designing biodigesters since the 1970s. He is the designer of a low-cost (less than $700 for materials), kit-able, shippable, insulated, 2-square-meter biogas digester for temperate latitudes (i.e. can be used in the United States) and is also the designer of a low-cost, plastic-bag-based biogas digester for equatorial belt countries. Previously he was the founder of Earthmind, an educational non-profit teaching about ecological living, as well as Computer Classroom, ici (computer sales), and an eponymous computer consultancy.