Monthly Guild Gathering – Permaculture and Art

christina_art Come to the monthly SF Permaculture Guild gathering Wednesday, October 5th  from 6:30 P.M. – 9 P.M. to connect with values aligned allies in mutual support and celebration of our collective permaculture work in our fair city. 

Christina Bertea has generously offered to share with us her work at the intersection of Permaculture and Art.   A little bit about Christina for those of you that do not yet know her (from her bio here):

Sparking shifts in the collective’s consciousness her  passion.
She tested affirmative action to see if a trade union would allow women into an apprenticeship program (becoming the first female union plumbing apprentice in the state); embraced a shamanic, inspirited world view, modeling an antidote to capitalism’s heartless exploitation of a natural world stripped of spirit or sentience; demonstrated the viability of using alternative methods and materials to construct inner-city infill by designing and building a passive solar Rammed Earth cottage in urban Oakland; studied and implemented permaculture design principles; and became fluent in urgent water conservation strategies– promoting and installing greywater recycling and rainwater harvesting systems and homegrown composting toilets. A member of the Greywater Guerrillas, we morphed into the more presentable Greywater Action when, as stakeholders, we helped California craft a workable greywater code.  She is committed to exploring how art itself could serve as a change agent. How does one push/nudge the edges of what is considered commonplace and acceptable to create a “new normal” of more sustainable behaviors? How does one engage (enchant?) the public, arousing enough curiosity to open folks to new ideas and options? How do we artists present sustainability as irresistibly imaginative and fun?


The Gazebo Room, California Pacific Medical Center, Davies Campus
The Gazebo is on the 1st floor of the South Tower. The South Tower is straight ahead as you enter the driveway. The driveway entrance is in the middle of Castro Street between 14th and Duboce Streets. You’ll see the entrance to the campus on your left. It’s the building that has the big lighted EMERGENCY ENTRANCE sign. If you enter on the ground floor, take the elevator UP to the first floor.

If you come by public transportation, take the N Judah to the Duboce Street stop and walk up towards Castro. If you drive, there’s a parking lot at the end of the driveway on your right, or you can try to find someplace on the street before entering the driveway.

To RSVP- please check out our Facebook Event here: Monthly Guild Gathering