Trees Are The Answer


One of the PDC field trips the class got to visit the M.A. Center in San Ramon to get a visual look of the land and what is going on there. That piece of land is a very special place for it serves as the Northern California Ashram for Amma.¬†“Ordered” by Amma, 1000 fruit trees are to be planted on the land. The above photo is from that tree planting day with Common Vision last February. Michael Flynn, who is one of the helpers on this project and others such as Common Vision, walked the class around and discussed keylines and keypoints, and swales off and on contour.¬†Common Vision is a non-profit spreading awareness and interconnectedness to kids up and down California. Their project is planting fruit trees in the spring with young children at schools and community centers. There answer are trees. With trees comes life.

It was really great to be able to walk around the property and see it all. Being able to visually see what was happening there and to see the key lines, points and swales were great knowledge enhancers for everyone.

Its one thing to read it and another to see it; there the knowledge is nourished.

We had a wonderful time hanging out at the center and enjoyed the delicious food that was brought form the food elves.