Visions for the SF Permaculture Guild

sf_windmillThe beginning of the calendar year can sometimes be a convenient time to return to the visioning stage of a design process.  While the San Francisco Permaculture Guild has a formal mission statement, as required for the articles of incorporation, as follows…

Permaculture is the harmonious integration of landscape and people providing their food, energy, shelter, and other material and non-material needs in a sustainable way bounded by the ethics of care of people, care of earth and reinvestment of surplus. The San Francisco Permaculture Guild supports a local community of designers and those interested in permaculture by producing educational and social events, enabling permaculture projects and providing opportunities to exchange information related to permaculture design.

…the scope of the purpose for the guild is bounded only by the visionary vistas of the guild designers.  You, and I, and all of us that participate in the guild, have a constant opportunity to revise and leverage our powerful imaginations to enhance the quality, fertility, vitality and productivity of the guild.

So, I invite you to join me in proposing your ideas, thoughts, images, dreams and visions for the guild as you feel comfortable and excited to do so.

Here are some ideas of projects and activities I have been envisioning for the guild (the guild acting as an incubator to germinate such projects and as a supporter to see them implemented and maintained) for a few years that might seed the brainstorm (not ranked):

  • SF Food/Foot Path – a pathway from Bay to Ocean Beach of permeable sidewalk landscaping projects all planted with culturally appropriate edibles
  • Renewed Victory Garden program – a ‘Garden Wheel’ backyard program like the permaculture guild in the East Bay and Marin.  Periodically, a group of people (~10-30) meets at one home to infuse energy in maintenance (or start) the garden. a.k.a. Permiblitz
  • Gleaning database and calendar with at least 200 tree entries and at least 40 reliable volunteers
  • Permaculture park designs for all 3,000+ acres of Rec. and Park’s properties  – emphasizing water catchment, mixed use and edible landscaping for every park in San Francisco.
  • Open Center for Alternative Technology at Hunter’s Point Shipyard
  • Bioregional data assessment – per Geoff Lawton model
  • Comprehensive plant lists of N-fixers (and other support species), fruit trees, medicinals, per watershed and/or sub-region of San Francisco
  • Seed library – contribute to Pocket Seed Library or GFE or other or all the above combined with vegetable breeding program for long-term permi-cultivars appropriate to each region and soil type in San Francisco
  • Local Exchange Trading System – community currency (update: see BACE)
  • Comprehensive database of permaculture sites open to tours in San Francisco
  • Community Land Trust partnership and popularization campaign
  • First backyard defencing initiative (urban micro farm) in the Sunset
  • Successful urban aquaculture experiments (at diverse scales, no pun)
  • Bi-annual harvest exchange/party (Tuber exchange!)
  • A couple of well-placed, appropriate guerrilla garden efforts
  • Seasonal recipe book emphasizing perennials with ALL ingredients (including spices and sauces, etc.) being local
  • 1,000 greywater systems installed (esp. a commercial example)
  • 1st permitted composting toilet in San Francisco (1 home and 1 public!)
  • Commercial cardboard shredder located in San Francisco for shared use
  • Resource sheet for all “types” of projects
  • Certify gardens as “farms”
  • 10+ Gardening resource yards in San Francisco for free pickup of compost, mulch and other garden supplies
  • CSA campaign to support peri-urban agriculture