What is an EcoVillage? What is an Urban EcoVillage?

An EcoVillage can be defined in several ways. Let’s say it’s an intentional community – a community that doesn’t just happen because certain neighbors move in next to you – but a community you and others design, plan, think about and co-create. Let’s say it’s also the physical location and surroundings. Let’s say it’s also the interactions with other communities or individuals. And let’s say for sure that it’s the natural neighbors, elements and surroundings in terms of plants, animals, wildlife, climate, microclimate, water, food, energy, etc.

In the EcoVillage design team, we’re thinking of ways to address all of these issues, including sustainable economics that underly such a community, within the few weeks we have in the Urban Permaculture Design Course. Do we address as a template? Do we focus on a specific site? Do we start with a template and apply to a specific site? Do we imagine an ideal site or choose one that exists in San Francisco now?

These and other questions we are addressing as we begin our co-design process together.