The 18th & Rhode Island Garden Community needs your financial support –please consider making a donation today

                       * We want kick it up a notch or two … or ten, for everyone.

                       * We want to grow even more food in the garden.

                       * We want this food to go to those who need it most.

 Your financial contribution to the farm will go a long way towards helping us finish a few key capacity building projects we have planned for 2017! Even more, if we’re able to raise $6k by the end of the year, it will be matched dollar for dollar. Please take advantage of this wonderful  matching grant opportunity and make a contribution in any amount you’re comfortable giving today.

 Slated projects which enhance our mission of the site include repairing the retaining wall near our cob oven and rocket stoves so our ovens can be finished, building a kitchen countertop with a grey water sink, increasing seating around the site, laying out more irrigation for annual vegetables, repairing our greenhouse shed and restocking it with new tools for volunteers, purchasing more plants and fruit trees, and rolling out weekly workshops for the community.

Our (Simplified) Plan for Enhancing Local Food Resilience

  1. Grow more food in dense spacing and tight cycles throughout the year
  2. Develop a kids program to help train up students to harvest even more food
  3. Support local kids to harvest the food and deliver it weekly to the Free Farm Stand

We want to host dinner parties on site, too! This event would be a dinner (monthly, maybe?) celebrating our accomplishments and our supporters. Help us build capacity, come up with new ideas, craft them into reality and have fun with us every Saturday from 10am-4pm!

How You Can Help

Please consider donating to this project, any amount helps us.

  • Your one-time contribution goes toward realizing this project for a full year.
  • Your ongoing and recurring donations support us in the long-term.

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All donations made are tax deductible. Please contact if you need a receipt.